Sustainability :


According to US environment protecting agency, Sustainability is a new way of thinking about an age-old concern: ensuring that our children and grandchildren inherit a tomorrow that is at least as good as today, preferable better. We want to make sure that the way we live our lives is sustainable - that it can continue and keep improving for a long, long time.
Bari Textile Mills Pvt Ltd strongly support Sustainability programs and promote it to its customers all over the world. Bari is currently working on following areas to support Sustainability program:
- Product:
Bari specially developed a product with recycled polyester which has been sourced from empty PET Bottles. The bottles that are usually discarded after consuming the contents are an eyesore that litter the corners of our planet. Bari found a way to use these PET bottle by converting into polyester, Mix with cotton and then use in regular textile products. The product from PET polyester mix with cotton makes it highly durable, Cost-effective, Dry faster, unique color effects and top of all environmental friendly.
- Exhaust Heat Recovery:
Diverting exhaust gases of power generation into boiler through heat   energy recovery system.   - Saving energy   - Saving environment
- Packaging:
Vinyl bags (Raw material derived from petroleum products) are widely used in Towels and Sheet set packing. We promote our customers to use Paper bands or Cotton ribbons in towels where as in jersey sheet set we suggest to pack in reusable self fabric pouch which is very presentable and customers can also have the hand feel of the actual fabric outside.

Beside vinyl bags we also promote to remove card board/stiffener which usually use to shape the product during packing. Eliminating of card board and insert from packaging not at all effect the quality of product and it greatly serves for saving natural resources as well as creating extra spaces in a container to load max goods.

- Reversible Stitching Styles:
Bari’s RND dept designed special stitching technique in bed sheet sets which shows sheet as front from both side of the fabric which is known as reversible sheet set. By this reversible stitching sytle, the sheet set could use upto max level and require less washings. Resulting user saves water and energy and less washing increases the life of product as well.
- Reuse of Cutting Wastages:
To tie the pouch opening of sheet set, normally a draw cord is used. We have replaced this draw cord with self fabric cord which is made from the cutting waste fabric. small Cushion covers, Baby Wipes and other small/cheap products can be produced from cutting wastages at ver low cost, Rest all smaller pieces and damaged fabric is sent for recycling to make courser cout yarns to be used in making bar mops, polishing cloth and cleaning products etc.


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