For the efficient production of quality goods, and that too on time, a company needs an effective production facility. We, at Bari Textile Mills, possess state of the art infrastructure having the capacity to produce high quality products. Bari is equipped with latest machines available in the market in order to maintain the high quality standards which we have established for our company.

Head Office

Bari Textile offers innovative ideas and comprehensive solutions for garment manufacturers. Their satisfied customers benefits from their excellent quality, completive price, prompt delivery and most important its customized services for different needs.

US warehouse

Bari Textiles warehouses are highly automated mechanized places where control points are needed to count and validate the number of garments in each batch.


At Bari, the process of weaving production begins from warping section. There fibres from a great number of reels are warping on beam roll. Process is carried out on warping machine.

Airjet Dobby Weaving

Bari has the latest and top-class models of airjet dobby weaving which contribute in producing high quality products.

Air Jet Jacquard Weaving

Bari is using the modern and up-to-date airjet jacquard weaving model.


Bari Textile Mills is following a knitting technique for producing a mostly two-dimensional fabric made from a one-dimensional yarn or thread. Knitted fabric consists of a number of consecutive rows of loops, called stitches.


At Bari, we endeavour to create new colours. In Bleaching process, we make the fabric look brighter. This is achieved by oxidizing the colouring matters in to colourless form. In Dyeing process, we add colour to textile products like fibres and yarns.


In Bari textile finishing unit; dryer uses for dry the knit, woven fabrics and dyed yarn. But the drying process and drying mechanism of yarn and fabrics is different from one to another. The main functions of a textile dryer is to dry the textile fabrics.

Automatic Stitching

At Bari Textile Mills, the fabric requirement of export is forwarded to the weaving department and the weaving department handles programs according to the quality required.

Packing & Finishing

We, at Bari, guarantees that all the fabric leaving the finishing department is properly inspected and thoroughly checked for relevant factors before being forwarded to the next stage of production.


At Bari, the textile laboratory technicians usually carry out experiments and tests which are then handed to a senior scientist for interpretation. This includes checking product quality, resilience to corrosion, durability, strength or color matching.

Stenter / Compactor Finish

Bari is using the technique of stenter for applying finishing chemicals and also shade variation is adjusted. The main function of the stenter is to stretch the fabric widthwise and to recover the uniform width.

Brushing / Raising Finish

Bari is using brushing/ raising technique to increase the ability of the fabric to retain heat or provide a thermal barrier. This process is very cost effective and can remove the need to buy more expensive materials.

Printing / Lamination Finish

At Bari, laminated fabrics are widely used in high performance apparel where fabrics are required to be waterproof yet breathable.

Inhouse Power Generation

Bari has its own power generation which effectively produces 1 megawatt of electricity.

NY Showroom

Bari has New York showroom providing the textile goods with top notch quality.